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About Vinyl Lettering

About Vinyl Lettering

If Custom Screen Printing 12 shirts isn't what you need, go with Vinyl Lettering, it is largely used for sports team numbers or custom T-shirt orders that only want a few shirts created. We offer custom T-shirts for infant, toddler, youth & adult sizes. We have many Colors & Fonts to choose from for Vinyl lettering, click here to see options.

Vinyl stickers for travel mugs are available, however they are pre-designed & limited to availability.

While of course, there are at-home products that allow you to apply vinyl lettering to your shirt with a hot iron, however these products are often low quality and tend to peel very quickly. The problem is that for a vinyl lettering to adhere correctly, it needs an even amount of heat as well as a lot of pressure applied to the vinyl. Hundreds of pounds of pressure. When using an iron, your variables for both of these can change quite easily. However, under our super heavy duty heat transfer machine, the bottom of the lettering heats up and adheres to the fabric of the shirt, for a great end result.

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